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History of Barbadian Law

English common law
No judicial review of legislative acts
Accepts ICJ jurisdiction with reservations

The Constitution of Barbados is the supreme law of the nation. The Chief Justice heads the independent judiciary.

Historically, Barbadian law was based entirely on English common law with a few local adaptations. At the time of independence, the British Parliament ceased having the ability to change local legislation at its own discretion. British law and various legal statutes within British law at this time, and other prior measures adopted by the Barbadian parliament became the basis of the modern-day law system.

Laws are passed by the Barbadian Parliament, whereby upon their passage, are given official vice-regal assent by the Governor-General to become law.

The local court system of Barbados is made-up of:

Magistrate's Court: Covering Criminal, Civil, Domestic, Domestic Violence, and Juvenile matters. Further, the Magistrates court deals with Contract and Tort law where claims do not exceed $10,000.00.

The Supreme Court is made up of
High Court: Consisting of Civil, Criminal, and Family law divisions.
Court of Appeals: Handles appeals from the High Court and Magistrate's Court. It will hear appeals in both the civil, and criminal law jurisdictions. It may consist of a single Justice of Appeal sitting in Chambers; or as Full Court, will consist of 3 Justices of Appeals.

The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ): Based in Port Of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, is the court of last resort (final jurisdiction) over Barbadian law. It replaced the London-based Judicial Committee of the Privy Council (JCPC).

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A Heritage of Quality & Service

Hanschell and Company holds a legacy of four generations of Barbadian Attorneys, thereby offering a wealth of knowledge in the legal systems of Barbados.

Sir Herbert Greaves - Grandfather of W.H.A. Hanschell and Justice A.J.H Hanschell as well as great grandfather of both John and Carol; parliamentary representative of the parish of St. John in the House of Assembly and Chief Justice of Barbados from 1902 to 1925.

The Hon. Muriel Hanschell - Barbadian lady pioneer, philanthropist and first female member of the Legislative Council in Barbados.

Justice A.J.H. Hanschell, C.M.G., M.A. (Oxon) - High Court Judge of Barbados from 1957 to 1975.

W.H.A. Hanschell, Q.C., M.A. (Oxon) (1917 - 2000) - Barrister-at-law and leading Queen's Counsel on the Island for thirty years (Retired in 1983).

On the retirement of W.H.A Hanschell in 1983 from private practice, John Hanschell and his sister Carol assumed the client portfolio, thereby continuing the proud family tradition of legal service to the Island of Barbados and its people.

As Hanschell & Company continues to grow and prosper under the new generation, John and Carol offer both their local and international clients advice and expertise in all aspects of commercial and civil law. The Family legacy of superb preparationfine attention to detail and exemplary service continues to this day.

Sir Herbert Greaves, Justice A.J.H. Hanschell, W.H.A Hanschell
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